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Vidaco – 북부 지역 최대 규모와 생산 능력을 갖춘 판지 포장 공장임을 자랑스럽게 생각합니다

The land area given to the company, nearly 30,000 m2, is designed and planned synchronously and modernly with constructions designed and approved by competent and reputable agencies.

Located on National Highway 2, 10km away from Vinh Yen and Phu Tho, and 50km from Hanoi, it is very convenient for all kinds of vehicles, helping to save time and transportation costs. With a land area of 30,000 m2 planned synchronously and modernly, we are confident that we are one of the largest and most capable Carton packaging factories in the North. Our advanced equipment and high speed meet the quality and quantity needs of the most demanding customers. The factory has a large capacity, a synchronous production process, and optimized costs, so the cost of our products is always more competitive than our industry competitors.

  • Mingwei – Taiwan 7-layer corrugated cardboard production line with a speed of 180 meters/minute
    Mingwei 5-color printer with a size of 2500mm, 2-color printer with a size of 2800mm, Pinlong 3-color printer with a size of 2700mm, Xinyu 3-color printer with a size of 3600mm
    Large quantity products: tile packaging, agricultural products and consumer goods, Special products according to customer requirements…
    Fast prototype deployment at the factory (5 -10 minutes)
    All certifications included: ISO, FSC, ReSY, RoSH, REACH
    BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY:VIDACO builds cooperative relationships and develops together with suppliers, customers, organizations, individuals based on VIDACO culture with the motto:

    Cooperation: The core goal of VIDACO is to act responsibly, creatively, and innovatively to create quality, beautiful, and environmentally friendly products to satisfy customer needs.

    Mutual Development: All VIDACO staff are aware that their actions are to affirm their position and create mutual development for customers by creating value-added products that bring high efficiency to customers.


With its commitment, VIDACO identifies its mission of “ADDING VALUE” as the goal and motivation for all staff and workers through their efforts, creativity, and continuous innovation, offering valuable products of VIDACO to customers with confidence and satisfaction.


In the social production system, production materials and consumer goods always coexist. VIDACO has chosen to produce production materials as the basic foundation of society and products that can be regenerated, products that continuously increase in value thanks to human efforts and creativity. VIDACO aims to become the leading packaging manufacturing company in the Vietnamese market.

Building VIDACO’s culture is the operating goal.
Disciplined and intelligent people are the decisive factor in growth and sustainable development.
Creative action to add value is the key to success.
Cooperation, sharing opportunities and adding value always accompany customers and members.
Building a professional management system and continually innovating to always meet development requirements.

“We trust that with the efforts of all staff and employees of VIDACO Co., Ltd., the concern, support, construction, and cooperation of customers and organizations. We will successfully build the company’s quality policy and quality objectives to satisfy the increasingly high requirements of customers, organizations and staff and employees.”